Truck Refurbishment & Body Shop

With new truck prices continue to climb, Birchler has a developed a truck refurbishment program that offers new truck reliability and comfort with less cost and downtime. It all starts with an initial truck inspection, then review of your specific refurbishment needs, and options. Once an option is selected, our in-house, skilled and trained staff get to work refurbishing your vehicle. Once refurbishment services are complete, your truck will be back on the road looking pristine for a fraction of the price. Give us a call to learn about our refurbishment program and how we can keep your truck looking new and on the road.

  • Engine and Drive Train Refurbishment
  • Cab Repair and Replacement
  • Custom Paint Work
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom Part Manufacturing and Installation
  • Short Turnaround Times
  • Over 25 Years of Truck and Fire Apparatus Refurbishing Experience

Need Expert Restoration after collision? Our team is committed to taking care of the damages as
fast as possible, so you can hit the road again…looking as good as new.

When repairs affect the painted areas of your exterior, we have the pros who can paint it back
to perfection.

Rust and corrosion can destroy the looks and value of your vehicle. Our team of expert fabricators along with our sandblasting services can restore it to perfection.

We offer Complete AWS-Certified Welding and Fabrication to get your vehicle back in shape.